Navigate into your plant data

You want to :
‣ Build your plant cockpit with advanced real-time dashboards to monitor and control your manufacturing processes.
‣ Manage your performance with KPI dashboards.
‣ Create automated and continuously updated reports.
‣ Have a flexible data visualization tool to navigate your data as you need it.

100% self-service

Our Plant BI solution is made for you. It is more than just a BI solution because it combines the power of our Contextualisation Engine with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that allows any user to create their own dashboards, reports, visualisations and more.
No need to write queries, just navigate through your data organised according to your business contex and directly access to :
‣ Raw Data stored in Contextualization Engine
‣ Aggregated and Computed Data calculated by the Contextualization Engine
‣ Information coming from other modules of the solution (OEE, SPC, Python Code Execution…).

Highly flexible and adaptable

Plant BI is the visualisation hub of OIAnalytics. It is designed to give users great flexibility to adapt to their needs.
Events, batches, cycles, trends, indicators… all types of data can be easily manipulated and displayed with a wide variety of visual representations (graphs, tables, synoptics…).

To help you empower your teams

Plant BI offers a completely new approach to empowering your teams and giving them a level of autonomy and agility never before seen in the industry. This is possible thanks to contextualised data and dashboarding functionalities tailored to the specific needs of the process manufacturing industry. As a result, your teams can save significant amounts of time and focus their expertise on improving your efficiency and delivering value.

Let’s talk about your business challenges