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Operational Intelligence solution for your industrial operation


A global solution to make your industrial data a daily performance lever

OIAnalytics data analysis solution uses the latest technologies in terms of data processing to offer you modern, efficient and easy-to-use tools. In addition, it is a configurable solution giving you great latitude to allow you to make it evolve at the rate of changes in your processes. Finally, it is an open solution that can communicate with your information systems and tools to have structured and processed data available at any time. It is the Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence solution to accelerate the digitalization of your industrial sites.


Plant bi

The visualisation tool for process industry to freely build your monitoring, reporting, analysis and investigations


Process control

The tools to simplify your SPC, DMAIC,

6 Sigma approaches

Analyse & optimise

The tools to better understand your process behaviour, find influent parameters, optimise operational conditions…


Workstation digitalisation

The tools to remove the papers in your workshops and capture the related data


Productivity improvement

The tools to monitor and improve your OEE and investigate the causes of non-performance



The tools to execute your own models and compute new advanced indicators

Discover how our customers get value with OIAnalytics


Key factors for a successful digital transformation and deployment of a group-wide industrial data solution to improve plants efficiency.


Quickly and autonomously set up the collection of data from industrial pilots to get the proper feedback to adjust pilot operation in real-time and shorten post pilot data processing.


Provide teams with a collaborative tool share data from plant operations, quality control… to improve productivity process stability and overall industrial performance.

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