advanced analytics

Optimize your process

You want to :
‣ Learn from the past behaviour of your process to improve it.
‣ Use advanced tools that leverage the latest technologies to accelerate and facilitate the analysis work of your process experts.
‣ Identify which parameter variability is affecting your process performance.
‣ Find best operating condition ranges to maximise your process performance.
‣ Identify common causes of process upsets.
‣ Compare process operating conditions to find the best ones.

Leverage the power of Advanced Analytics to support your teams

The different analysis workflows in our Advanced Analytics module address the specific questions your teams want to answer: What are the parameters that affect process behaviour and performance? How do they affect it? What are the optimum process conditions? What are the common causes of anomalies?
We provide analytics tools and workflows that put the power of advanced data science and machine learning in the hands of operations and process experts. All they need to do is focus on the problem they want to solve. Our advanced analytics modules will guide them all along their analysis journey:
‣ Data preparation,
‣ Data analysis using the right algorithms to answer your experts’ questions.
‣ Automated generation of the interactive data visualisations needed to support their understanding.

Keep up with the evolution of algorithms without the hassle

We regularly update the combination of algorithms we use in our Advanced Analytics module as the state of the art evolves. We also constantly extend our Advanced Analytics tools by adding new functionalities and new workflows to answer new types of questions.

Turn the results of your analysis into real profit

Thanks to the Plant BI and Operational Control modules, you can immediately use the results of your analysis to improve your operational performance. Get the most out of your data and expertise.

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